Dear Friends of the Sea Ranch Lodge:

My name is Robin Chan, and my friends and I are thrilled to be the new owners of The Sea Ranch Lodge. We’re writing to introduce ourselves and say a little bit about our plans.

First, about us: we are a small group of Northern California families who love the Sea Ranch area and what the community stands for. We’re drawn to the California coast and had escaped to the Lodge many times before it closed. (Some of us have homes in the community too.) The Sea Ranch vision reflects an intentionality and care for nature that’s unfortunately all too rare along the California coast.

We bought the Lodge because we’re excited about the future of Sea Ranch (and the larger Mendonoma community), and want to help welcome the next generation of visitors and residents. In doing so we have three guiding principles: (1) sharing the magic of Sea Ranch with the world, (2) building strong ties with the local community, and (3) operating the business sustainably.

The Lodge provides an accessible entry point for the magic of the Northern California Coast. It has provided many people’s first experience of The Sea Ranch: some count down the sleeps remaining to their weekend getaway while others first notice the iconic ram’s head while driving by and decide to stop in for lunch. For many, it only takes that first visit to become captivated.

We also understand the importance of the Lodge to the community. It’s served as an architectural landmark, a homey spot to share a meal, and a place for letters with the Post Office. We believe the Lodge should continue as a nexus for the Sea Ranch community. As a first step, we hope to bring back the Post Office.

Lastly, the Lodge needs to have a viable business plan. We aren’t a professional investment firm with profit targets; we are a group of friends who are passionate about The Sea Ranch. But the Lodge closed and was sold because the previous business didn’t work. Some aspects of the business will need to change to make the Lodge sustainable over the coming decades. We don’t know enough to provide specific plans yet. But when we do, we’ll share them. If possible, we would like to get the restaurant open even if the hotel takes longer.

As we create our plans, we would love to hear from you. We’re not just saying that: you have all have made the place what it is today, and we expect you will have a clear sense for how the Lodge could succeed on the three principles above. If you have ideas, questions, complaints, brainstorms, proposals, or tips, please send them to

We’ll do our best to keep you informed as we move along. If you would like to sign up to receive direct email updates on our progress, please enter your email below. (You can also sign up by sending a blank email to

We look forward to being part of the community.